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We improve the performance and costs-in-use of your products

We develop exclusive ingredients for your food products and create sustainable solutions that boost performance, optimize cost-in-use, and adapt to today’s social demands.

Health and quality are two essential pillars in all our processes. We isolate new microorganisms and select high quality strains to obtain unique and beneficial ingredients. We protect your food with Clean Label solutions and improve the texture and taste.

We help you get more out of your products and improve their costs-in-use to meet the needs of the market.

We are committed to a Clean Label present and future. From our extensive catalogue of ingredients, you will be able to produce Clean Label products and without additives. You will find what you are looking for.



At ENSIS Biotech, we have developed a wide range of animal proteins, designed to naturally enhance the properties of meat, and get the most out of your products. Get juicier and better textured products thanks to our proteins. They can be used as an extra protein content, meat extender, or substitutes, and even vegetable protein replacers such as soy. You will also be able to optimize and improve processes, as they allow you to increase yield, solve syneresis problems, reduce shrinkage, and extend the shelf life of your product, obtaining an excellent costs-in-use.


Improve shelf life and prevent oxidation of your products. Preserve your products while preventing the growth of bacteria, yeasts, molds, or even pathogens such as Listeria monocytogenes. Our natural fermentation-based preservatives, low or sodium free, allow you to develop Clean Label products, as well as replacing the E-numbers of chemical preservatives.

Starter cultures

Starter Cultures

Improve the maturation and curing of your products, controlling the pH of your sausages to bring out their best. We generate fast pH drops (both strong and soft) and even cold fermentations. We ensure the optimal fermentation process for your chorizos, salamis, sujuks, or pepperoni. In addition, the organoleptic profile of your products will be significantly improved, thanks to the degradation of proteins (proteolysis) and fats (lipolysis). Get a delicious aroma and flavor.




Improve the performance of your process, and stabilize your product in all conditions with gelling fibers, without the need for pre-hydration. Our powdered vegetable fibers are suitable for many types of food (meat, fish, bakery, ready meals...). These fibers provide texture and help to retain and stabilize water, oils, and fats, unlike most traditional fibers, thanks to their high functionality. Clean Label 100%, they have excellent costs-in-use and low dosage and resist very high or low pH values. In addition, they are both freeze and thaw stable, solving syneresis, and very useful for removing starches or other chemical components. In addition, they enrich the texture and mouthfeel of your food.


Improve the texture and juiciness of your products to get the most out of them: from pastries and bread to meat, fish, dairy, and vegetable proteins. You can improve industrial processes such as slicing and yield. They also allow us to achieve a Clean Label food with a far more tender texture.

Hydrocolloids and functional mixes

Choose from our variety of best seller or custom blends to find the solution you need. Our hydrocolloids and functional blends are the perfect remedy for your food syneresis, performance, or texture problems.

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